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Littleton Parenting Time Lawyer

Helping Clients Pursue Time With Their Children and Grandchildren

In Colorado, parenting time is the term that is used to refer to what used to be called physical custody and visitation — the amount of time that a child spends with each of his or her parents after a divorce and the specific schedule that is used to divide up that time.

At the law firm of Martin D. Brown, PLLC, led by experienced Littleton parenting time attorney Martin Brown, we help parents pursue the parenting arrangements that are right for them and their children. In certain cases, we are also able to help grandparents obtain parenting time.

Understanding and Resolving Parenting Time Issues in Colorado

Many people have come to think of child custody in terms of the amount of time children spend with each of their parents. However, child custody involves many other issues, including each parent's right to participate in decisions about important issues affecting their children.

In most contested child custody cases, the ultimate disputed issue is parenting time, with the parents disagreeing about how much time they should have with their children.

Attorney Martin Brown has extensive experience, not only as a divorce lawyer, but also as a guardian ad litem, special advocate, and child and family investigator, giving him wide-ranging insight into the issues affecting the best interests of children in disputes over parenting time.

Mr. Brown also represents grandparents who need help protecting their rights when they have been denied access to their grandchildren. In some cases, where grandparents have played parenting roles in their grandchildren's lives in the past, they can be granted parenting time.

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If you need help understanding how parenting time works in Colorado, pursuing an appropriate division of parenting time in your divorce or protecting your rights as a grandparent, contact us at 720-316-0394 or by e-mail to schedule a meeting with attorney Martin Brown.