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Littleton Common Law Marriage Lawyer

Resolving Disputes Over Whether Two People Are Legally Married

Colorado is one of the few states that continues to recognize common law marriages, in which two people may be considered legally married even though they have never obtained a marriage license or solemnized their marriage through a wedding or other ceremony.

At Martin D. Brown, PLLC, we help clients resolve common law marriage disputes. Littleton common law marriage attorney Martin Brown has served on a Colorado Bar Association committee on common law marriage and is experienced at dealing with these issues.

Understanding How Common Law Marriage Works in Colorado

There are many myths about common law marriage, the most common of which is that any man and woman who live together for seven years are common law married. In fact, the standards for common law marriage are, and always have been, much more complex.

To be considered common law married in Colorado, a couple need to agree to be married, cohabitate and hold themselves out as married, with proof such as jointly filed tax returns often required.

Simply living together is never enough to establish a common law marriage. Claiming to be married only once — for instance, in an application for health insurance — is also generally not enough. The courts have to look at all of the evidence and draw their conclusions from there.

Common law marriage can become an issue when one person tries to divorce his or her claimed common law spouse and the other party denies the existence of a common law marriage. Our firm is experienced at representing both types of parties in these cases.

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